The Skin We’re In 102


Skin Stretch & Flex Exercises

1. Total Body Stretch & Flex – Reach as well as retract in full creatively custom ranges with fingertips & toes, palms & wrists, knuckles & heels, knees & elbows, hips & shoulders, jaw & brow, and skull & spine. Modify position for progress (ex. Straddle sit, stagger stance, kneel, lay down prone, etc.)

2. Body Language & Expression – Mimic & mirror the range of emotive facial responses by conditioning for eyebrows, eyelids, eyeballs, nose, mouth, tongue, throat, vocal cords, and even ears, if possible. Advance from common to weird (ex. Stress & pain, actor & wrestler, athlete & activist)

3. Find Local Organic Plant-Based Substitutes – For every problem found in nature, there is a solution to be discovered in natural phenomena. From treating dry skin to acne to warts to tumours while replacing cleaners to paints to scents to soaps, the natural should always be preferable to the artificial.

4. Slow Cooking & Conscious Eating – Source & prepare ingredients that include nutrient-dense solar-powered diversity (ex. Nuts, seeds, ancient grains, algae, vegetables, fruits, herbs, spices, edible wilds, mushrooms, and maybe insects). Mix up methods & styles, take your time, then relish, don’t rush, ingestion, so savour every unique bite and each novel flavour since variety is the price of life.

5. Sweat – Remember, we are warm-blooded hairless great apes with heat-releasing, oil-excreting skin agents and a tremendous ability for intense intervals of heart-healthy cardiovascular endurance. Replace & restore oxygen, water as well as nutrient ratios post-performance, ice is nice & so is sleep.

6. Leave the Gym Behind & Get Outside – Escape the rat race, that hamster wheel mentality associated with unnatural mechanistic fitness machine conditioning. Reduce & recycle treadmills, ellipticals, stationary bicycles, stairmasters, all non-free range weight lifting machines, and yes, the TVs, too. Hike, bike, boat, row, touch & hang from trees, take off shoes & socks, walk on grass, sand, rocks, forage for berries, or maybe clear trail brush. The right ratio of light waves and explorative immersion into our environment helps our heart, our bones, our home, and our mind as well as our skin.