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February – April Promotion 2018


NEW | Hydrodermabrasion with Cold Light Therapy

This unique and natural procedure works simultaneously on five different levels at once. Each Hydrodermabrasion treatment gently exfoliates and rejuvenates your skin by utilizing medical grade saline and 90% oxygen.

 1 Treatment               69.00 | Compare to $140
                                              3 Treatments             169.00 | Compare to $430

Body Contouring | Cellulite Treatment 

An ultrasonic cavitation sends ultrasonic energy and radio frequency sound waves to burst fat cells. Transforming their contents into fatty acids that are naturally disposed of by the lymphatic system.

3 Treatments            149.00 | Compare to $240

6 Treatments           299.00 | Compare to $500

Brightening Peel Facial

An exquisite facial treatment that contains a cocktail of acid to lighten and exfoliate dark spots and dull skin. The skin tone is immediately improved providing a glowing, radiant and even complexion instantly.

1 Treatment          75.00 | Compare to $150

3 Treatments         210.00 | Compare to $ 400


 Small Area Chins | Upper Lips | Unibrows

6 Treatments Package 129.00

                                         Medium Area Underarms | Bikini Line | Sideburns

6 Treatments Package   159.00

Come in and talk with us! Together we will reach your skin’s full potential.