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It is collagen inducting treatment that comprises of the systematic piercing of the skin with sterilized tiny needles. Use of numbing cream is applied that greatly reduces pain. This minimally invasive treatment assists in the rejuvenation of the skin by activating the body to produce natural collagen to reduce lines, wrinkles, and acne scars. After the completion of the microneedling procedure, your skin’s surface appearance will be tighter and fuller. Over time, this therapy treatment will plump the appearance of your neck and face, lessen wrinkles and fine lines, and reduce acne scars. It also aids impeccably in hyperpigmentation and providing smooth wrinkle-free skin.

We are proud to offer this service at both our Toronto and Burlington locations.
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How does the Microneedling procedure works?

Vitality Works Medical – Microneedling is a facial treatment that works by breaking down old tissues and activating skin cell generation. As a result, new layers of collagen and elastin are formed which provide a smooth skin without wrinkles, scars and fine lines.

What is improved or treated with Microneedling?

With microneedling, mild to moderate wrinkles, fine lines, and acne scars can be treated. This treatment is also effective for sagging skin, stretch marks, pore size, and skin texture.

What does a Microneedling procedure involve?

First, our medical professionals will review the whole procedure with you. Microneedling is a facial treatment and that is why you will be comprehensively guided through the whole process. You will be asked to sign the consent form.  The following steps involve cleaning and numbing of your skin. The whole procedure takes places with a slight experience of discomfort or pain (in some cases it is none). Our medical professionals will work on each side of your face, one at a time. Throughout the procedure, it will be ensured that you are not experiencing any sort of discomfort at all.

Will it be a painful experience?

No, absolutely not! Our medical professionals will apply a numbing cream to ensure that you do not feel any pain. If needed, the frequency of stamping will be adjusted to make sure that you experience no discomfort at all.

After the procedure, will there be any bruising?

If you have sensitive skin, you will be recommended to use sunscreen before leaving our clinic. In the initial 24 hours, your skin will show some signs of tightness, minor bleeding, redness or itchy feeling. However, it won’t last for long and soon you’ll feel normal again.

Late Cancellation Policy


A minimum of 48 hours notice is required. For cancellations given with less than 48 hours notice, Vitality Works will charge 50% of price of the services missed for the first late cancellation and 100% on all subsequent late cancellations. We understand that our patients have busy schedules and that life has its unforeseen circumstances. If you do need to cancel your appointment, please allow as much time as possible so that other patients may benefit from being treated.

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